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“He carried so much sadness and loneliness, so much heartache. Yet he put his mission first. He persevered. Reyna respected that. She understood that.”

— Blood of Olympus: Reyna’s POV (referring to Nico) page 57 (via thaliagrake)

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“I’m not going to die here, she told herself. I’m going to see Percy again.”

The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan (via percyandheroesquotes)

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“Most of all she wanted Percy. She always felt braver when Percy was with her.”

The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan (via percyandheroesquotes)

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she. smacked. his. butt.

and. in. response. he. kissed. her. cheek.

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some legends are told

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You may not totally control it, but this is amazing, and… unique, and you said you’re the only one who has this power. That’s probably a good thing for everyone. And you. I mean…

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